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Managed Ads (add-on) service information
Managed Ads (add-on) service information
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Though StreetText is a self-guided platform with all the tools and education available for users to create, monitor and control their own ads; we do have a Managed Ads monthly add-on service.

This service starts at $300/mo additional to a regular base StreetText account, and similar to the other plans does not include ad-spend.

Managed Ads is a great benefit for users to leverage as this can free up a users time and help reduce lead cost. The team check daily on the ad metrics and alter ads accordingly to reduce the lead cost to as low as it can be.

Watch this introduction to Managed Ads below, and if you are considering using the monthly Add-on of the Managed Ads service we would encourage you to book a 1on1 call with Logan by clicking here.

The fact finding call is up to 30minutes and will include discussion on your goals, and how Logans team may be able to cater to providing you an experience to save you time in the long run and bring down expenditure.

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