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How do I shut off or pause my ad?
How do I shut off or pause my ad?

Curious if you can put a pause on your ad(s)? Read below to learn more!

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You can pause/turn off your ads at anytime by going to your Ads (Click on ads in the left menu) and turning your ads off using the green toggle switch to the left of the ad.

If you would like to pause the subscription as well as your Facebook ads, there is an option for this - our "On-hold" account. The fee associated to placing your account on hold is $50 per month, instead of the full subscription cost.

We understand that sometimes you just need time. Time to convert that one seller lead into a listing. Time to catch up on your follow up. Time to see a return on your investment. Time to learn best practices. Even time to deal with life - and we want you to know that there is an option available to you should you need time.

The on-hold option gives you the same great value as the regular account but for only $50.00 each month that you're on hold.

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