You will need to have the Re-Marketing Add-on live in your account

And purchased the Re-Marketing Setup

Our team will:

  • Set up Audiences with your StreetText leads that automatically sync to Facebook, you will never need to update them again.

For instance, if you add new "Sellers" to StreetText, our system will automatically sync those new leads to Facebook for you, and the same happens if you remove a seller lead. This can all be managed by adding or removing "Tags".

  • Create Facebook audiences from your existing database.

You most likely have a database of older leads, leads from other sources, and your sphere. This is all "First Party Data" and it allows you to market through Facebook & Instagram in some pretty impressive ways.

Our team will pull in all your data and create audiences on Facebook that auto-sync to Facebook just like your other StreetText leads.

This is really powerful because the ads that you will run to these audiences through StreetText are specifically designed to convert your older leads into hot leads.

Export leads from Follow up Boss

Export leads from Chime

Export leads from Sierra Interactive

Export leads from KvCore

Export leads from Real Geeks

  • Create an Engagement Audience.

Our team will also create a very powerful audience for you that is designed to capture leads that previously clicked on your ads but did not complete the lead form.

This is a great audience to also capture people that are just "checking your content out". Perhaps they decided to watch a video of yours or clicked on an ad taking them to your website. We are able to find these potential leads on Facebook and have specific ads that help them take the next step towards becoming a client of yours.

  • Launch up to 3 Re-Marketing Ads for you. (Optional)

Our team will go ahead and launch up to 3 Re-Marketing ads of your choice, these ads will get in front of your past and current leads.

Step 1: Complete this Google Form to upload your CSV file (You will need to login to Google to complete this form)

Step 2: We may send you a link to Facebook to approve the Audience Terms and Conditions that you will need to select prior to uploading audiences to Facebook.

Step 3: Our team will create the audiences and send you a quick video explaining what we created.

This typically takes between 24-48 hours to complete.

Congrats you are fully set up!

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