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Re-Marketing Setup
Re-Marketing Setup

Learn how to set up Remarketing ads

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To complete the Remarketing set up, you will need to have the Re-Marketing Add-on live in your account.

You can add this feature onto your regular StreetText membership on the billing page here:

Click on the green 'Add or Remove add-ons' button and select the check box on Remarketing then hit the subscribe button.

Our system will set up Audiences with your StreetText leads that automatically sync to Facebook, and you will never need to update them again.

For instance, if you add new "Sellers" to StreetText, our system will automatically sync those new leads to Facebook for you, and the same happens if you remove a seller lead. This can all be managed by adding or removing "Tags".

Import Leads into StreetText

Once you've purchased Remarketing, you can now pull in all your data and create audiences on Facebook that auto-sync to Facebook just like your other StreetText leads. See this article to see how to import leads into StreetText:

This is really powerful because the ads that you will run to these audiences through StreetText are specifically designed to convert your older leads into hot leads.

Export leads from Follow up Boss

Export leads from Lofty

Export leads from Sierra Interactive

Export leads from KvCore

Export leads from Real Geeks

Accept Facebook custom audience terms

Now you have import leads into StreetText, you will need to accept the 'Custom Audience Terms' on Facebook in order to create an audience group. Head over to the Ads page on StreetText and click on the grey 'Accounts' button at the top right corner. Here you will see a list of ad accounts that you own on Facebook. Find the ad account that's enabled and running ST ads (if you are not sure which ad account is the right one, message support with the blue chat bubble at the bottom right corner and they can help identify!)

Copy the numbers in the bracket and paste it after this link:

Copy the entire link with your ad account number and paste it onto another tab. It should take you to the Facebook Terms page, and you can click 'Accept' at the top left corner.

Once the terms is accepted, you can now create different audience groups.

  1. Create a Page Engagement Audience

Page Engagement Audience is a very powerful audience for you that is designed to capture leads that previously clicked on your ads but did not complete the lead form.

This is a great audience to also capture people that are just "checking your content out". Perhaps they decided to watch a video of yours or clicked on an ad taking them to your website. We are able to find these potential leads on Facebook and have specific ads that help them take the next step towards becoming a client of yours.

You can find this on StreetText here:

Simply click on the 'create a Facebook audience' button and the audience group is set up on Facebook.

2. Create Facebook audiences from your existing database

You most likely have a database of older leads, leads from other sources, and your sphere. This is all "First Party Data" and it allows you to market through Facebook & Instagram in some pretty impressive ways. Find out how to create Facebook audience groups on StreetText HERE.

Launch the Re-Marketing Ads

You can now launch some Re-Marketing ads of your choice, these ads will get in front of your past and current leads. Visit the Ad Template page and select Remarketing to filter out the templates. Pick the ad template you want to run and check out this article to learn how to set up the remarketing ads!

Optional: Put all Remarketing ads into Ad Bundles

Instead of running all remarketing ads at the same time, you can now put these ads into an Ad Bundle and our system will rotate out these ads on a daily/weekly/monthly basis automatically! You can watch this video starting from 1:50 to see how to set up the ad bundles in just a few clicks:

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