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How to import a CSV file
How to import a CSV file

How to import leads using a CSV file

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The CSV import for leads is only available if you have purchased the remarketing add-on to your account. If you have not purchased the add-on already you can do so here:

If you are wanting to add your leads to an automation be sure to create an automation entry point automation before importing your leads. Here is an article on how to set up automation entry points.

This 2 minute video goes over the steps to import CSV file from other resources into StreetText👇👇👇

Step 1

To import a CSV file of your leads first open your contact page and click the import leads button.

Step 2

Then select the CSV file you would like to upload containing leads. You will need to ensure that you have permission to reach out to these leads. If you do check the check box that you have permission and click next. (Please note that the maximum file size is 8mb)

Step 3

Map the CSV file into the appropriate columns. Some will be detected automatically and some columns you may have to adjust to import them into the desired location. You can also choose not to import a field by selecting do not import in the drop down.

Step 4

*Optional. If you want to create retargeting ads for this import or add a tag to identify the group you can do so by checking off "create a Facebook audience". You can choose to add them to an existing tag or create a new tag just for the import.

Step 5

*Optional. If you are wanting to start the leads in an automation you can add them to an automation entry point. You will need to create the entry point before uploading the leads if you are wanting to automatically add the imported leads to an automation. Here is an article on how to set up an automation entry point

Once you have the automation entry point set up you can choose the automation entry point to add them to in the drop down menu. If you don't want to add them to an automation you can leave it set to none.

*Keep in mind that these leads will then be put in the drip campaign that you set up!*

Step 6

Choose if you want to update existing duplicate leads or skip them. Then click import.

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