You can add leads into an automation entry point during the CSV Import process.

Before importing the leads, you can first create an automation entry point:

  1. Go to settings, find all automations and create a new automation.

2. Add Trigger, add an automation entry point, create a name.

3. Create Actions: click add action, create a tag, email or text messages and pick a name.

*Note: Once an email or SMS message is created, the toggle will be off (grey) by default. Make sure to switch to the toggle once you edit the content!

4. Optional but recommended: set a delay time between the actions and for the first email send out to the leads.

Now we've set up an automation entry point!

When leads are put into this automation, they will be tagged with 'sellers' tag automatically, and five minutes later they will get the first email, 10 minutes later they will get a text message!

You can add as many actions as you like, there is no limit on creating the drip campaign!

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