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How to add leads to automation entry point
How to add leads to automation entry point

Learn how to add leads to an automation entry point

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Method 1: You can add leads into an automation entry point during the CSV Import process.

Method 2: Select specific groups of leads and add them into the automation.

Go to Contact section on StreetText, choose the leads that you want to put into an automation. You can use filter to select a group of specific leads.

Once you select the leads, click on the + button at the top right corner and add them into an automation entry point.

Select the automation entry point that you want to add them into and save.

*If you haven't set up an automation, check out this article to learn:

Method 3: Add a single lead into an automation

Click on the blue head icon beside the lead information on the contacts page.

It will bring up a contact details page of that lead.

From there, you can click on 'Add to Automation Entry point' button and pick an automation that you want to add them to.

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