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Home Valuation Capture Process
Home Valuation Capture Process

Learn how the prospect/lead is captured on the Home Valuation (Conversion) ad types

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This walk-through is also explained in the StreetText Academy.

Let's look at the capture process specifically for the Seller Home Value template to better understand what a lead sees and what the system does. All of this starts after someone has clicked on your ad in their newsfeed and are taken to the next landing page.

In our research and testing, we have found that a multi-step capture approach (micro-commitments) is more effective at getting any info for a lead on the home value ads than requiring all info upfront when you don't have the ability like Facebook to auto-generate their info.

Step 1: Their address

They first click on the yellow "Analyze My Property" shown in the top photo. Then the prospect types in their address and then clicks "Analyze My Property" again. The lead can enter their address to request a home evaluation from you. Now, if they don't choose to go any further, this is what we call an address-only lead. This is still a good thing. They are someone that is interested they are maybe just not as committed to the relationship just yet and likely knew they would be put on an email drip campaign. Search "address only leads" in the help articles, StreetText Academy and the topics section of the insider group to find great follow-up mailers and techniques for your address-only leads.

Step 2: Enter their email

Here the lead enters in their email and opts in to give you permission to email them. If they select "Next," our system sends them the first automated email from you immediately confirming that you have received the request for an evaluation and are working on it. See the example below. Make sure to edit and customize your own drips!!

In this step, a lead can leave details about their home and when they may be looking to sell. This info is added to the contact details page which we suggest checking as some leave essays. This info shouldn't be used to prequalify the lead as many leads will but "just curious," which is a defence mechanism. This is about discovery. Why are they interested in a home value?

Finally, they can leave their name and phone number. If they leave their number, they will start receiving text messages from "Julie" within a few minutes.

It is on this page that they will see your profile photo, a slogan, and a Facebook review all helping to build trust with the lead. How to add your reviews from Facebook, for your ads

Final Page: Thank You!

The final page is a thank you page with the ability to request an appointment. If they do you will get an email notification with the request and you can simply follow up and confirm the appointment or arrange another time.

Experience it for yourself!

We highly recommend capturing yourself as a lead so you can really experience what the lead sees to have a better idea of what is going on and where you come into the follow-up process. To do so, go to the ads section, on one of your home value ads, and click "View Link." This will take you to the landing page as though you clicked on the ad itself, without clicking on the ad and costing you a click. Win-win! On this landing page, you can copy the link (URL) to send to friends and family for them to go through to gather their opinion on your drips.

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