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Successful Ad Imagery increased by using Canva + saturation.
Successful Ad Imagery increased by using Canva + saturation.

Learn the best types of Imagery to use on your ads and a secret trick with Canva.

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Stop and think for a moment. When you see ads from other realtors, what do you most commonly see for their image? I bet this image isn't too far off:

A picture of a blue cozy-looking home. Here is the caveat, it's a stock image and it looks and feels like a stock image. If you want to STAND OUT from what other agents are doing, you need to use your own LOCAL imagery. Using the image above for example, if someone doesn't like the style or color of the home, they won't click on your ad. Be YOUnique and create something different. Create a collage for example in Canva of the front, back and above shot of the home, if you want to use a home for your image. ONLY use an interior shot of the home in a collage for a listing ad.
Tips and suggestions to make your ad stand out:

  1. Use local images, such as sports arenas, downtown views, Welcome to _____ signs, water towers and grain elevators with town names on them, as well as drone shots of a city or area people in your target area will recognize. A map is also a great option you can test out in your area. Remember, test, don't guess.

  2. Use Canva + saturation to really make your images pop and stand out. Check out this how-to video (3 min) below.

  3. Here are three websites to find some great imagery.

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