Lead ad VS Conversion ad

Understanding the difference between a Lead ad and a Conversion ad

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When you go under the "Funnels" section from your StreetText dashboard, you will see the many different templates we have available. Our two most popular funnel types are the Lead ad and the Conversion ad.
Watch the video tutorial below explaining the differences between the two ad types. (Length: 5:50 min). The Conversion ad Capture process is below.

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Let's first dive into how the lead ad works:

A lead ad uses Facebook's own landing page. When somebody clicks on your ad, it takes them to a Facebook form where it auto-populates the prospect's info (details below) they have on their Facebook account. Then depending on the redirect URL, you inserted when building the ad, it will take them to that page following the submission of their info. Example: If you're building a buyer ad for 3-bedroom homes in Kelowna, BC. You will need to curate the list of all 3-bedroom properties in Kelowna, BC and then copy that URL as your redirect link. We also suggest sorting from the lowest price to the highest. You don't want to take them to your site to search again. Build the list.

What information from the prospect do I receive with a lead ad?

  • Name, Phone Number, and Email. NEVER an address.


The conversion ad is a different ball game and uses a dynamic capture form (micro-commitments) and is primarily used for the Home Valuation ads. This ad type requires you to have your custom domain.
In our research and testing, we found that a dynamic capture approach was more effective at getting any info for a lead than requiring all info upfront. We don't have the ability like Facebook to auto-populate their info. Here is the process below which can also be found in the StreetText Academy along with more great tips:

Step 1: Their address

The lead can enter their address to request a home evaluation from you. Now, if they don't choose to go any further, this is what we would call an address-only lead. This is still a good thing though. They are interested in their home valuation, but likely knew they would be put on some email drip campaign. So send them something personal. There are tons of examples in the Insider Group under the "Topics - Address-only" section and we have people sharing on the Masterminds how they received a listing from an address-only lead, don't ever count them out. It's like judging a book by its cover.

Step 2: Their email

Next, the lead enters in their email and opts in to give you permission to email them. Once they select "Next," our system starts to send them the first automated email from you immediately confirming that you have received the request for an evaluation and are working on the valuation.

Here the lead enters in their email and opts in to give you permission to email them.

Step 3: Home details

In this step above, a lead can leave details about their home and when they may be looking to sell. This info is added to the contact details page in your dashboard. This info shouldn't be used to prequalify the lead as many leads will be, "just curious" which is a defence mechanism. Immediately could mean they want their home value immediately or they want to sell immediately. This is about discovery. Why are they interested in a home value?

Step 4: Name and Phone Number

Finally, they can leave their name and phone number. If they leave their number then they will start receiving text messages from "Julie" within a few minutes (Paid Members feature). If you're in trial, you will not have Julie.

It is on this page that they will see your profile photo, a slogan, and a Facebook review all helping to build trust with the lead. You can edit your slogan and bio in your profile.

Final Page: Thank You!

The final page is a thank you page with the ability to request an appointment. If they do you will get an email notification with the request and you can simply follow up and confirm the appointment or arrange another time.

Experience it for yourself!

We highly recommend capturing yourself as a lead so you can really experience what the lead sees to get a better idea of what is going on and the automations going out so you know what you need to edit. To put yourself through as a lead, go to the ads section on your ad, click "View Link," this will take you to the landing page as though you clicked on the ad itself and it won't cost you a click. You can use this same link to create a QR code for people to scan the code to be taken directly here, great for mailers. πŸ˜ƒ βœ‰οΈ


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