Downsizing Ad walk-through

Downsizing Ad walk-through

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Click the button below to watch the downsizing ad walk-through video so you know what exactly happens. (6 min)

General tips when building your downsize ad:

This is the image that auto-populates when you select this ad template. IF your topography doesn't match this photo, click the "X" in the top right corner to use an image of a downsized home from your area and you can use the saturation trick (article + video on imagery) to help your image pop like this one above.

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*You can edit the privacy policy to your own via your profile. Recommended.

General tips/recommendations for your downsize list and list of filters.

  • Typically, under 2250/2500 sq ft. Unless you live in Texas where everything is bigger. πŸ˜›

  • Min 2 bed - not many are looking for 1-bedroom homes.

  • Primary on the main/one-floor home

  • Can set a minimum if you want but no maximum price is needed.

  • Filter from the lowest price to the highest. Why? If the first home they see is $5M for example, they will likely back out. We always need to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

  • Local image of a downsized home, like a rancher, a one-floor home. Green space is always a bonus, especially when you apply the saturation trick in Canva (link below the ad image example). 🏑

  • Apply any other filters you think are applicable.

  • LASTLY, once you have all these filters in place, your URL has likely changed from what was once just your website. Copy that URL to be placed in the Redirect URL spot shown in the image above.

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