Buyer to Seller (Conversion)

Learn how to set up a Buyer ad using the Buyer to Seller (Conversion) template

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1.Click on Funnels in the left menu.

2. Scroll down and click "Select" on the buyer to seller (conversion) template

3. Put in a City and/or Neighborhood name and an amount

4. Pick a stock photo or upload your own by clicking on the corresponding button.

5. Click "Next"

6. Pick a stock photo or upload your own for the landing page by clicking on the corresponding button.

7. Click "Next"

8. Click "Drop a Pin"

9. Enter a city or address and set your radius. Remember that buyers can come from other areas and you may want to set your radius bigger than you would with a sellers ad. You can also target a completely different city if people from that city are moving to your area.

10. Scroll down and click "done" (Repeat the drop pin process again if you want to add another area. Please note that the pin radius area cannot overlap with another pin drop)

11. Click "Next"

12. Set your daily budget and for the best results we recommend creating a split test with 3 identical ads run for 24-48 hours before shutting off the 2 underperforming ads.

13. Add the commission value for a converted lead.

14. Hit Deploy!

Congratulations you have built the ad!

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