1.Click on Funnels in the left menu.

2. Click select on the Seller Property Valuation (Conversion) template

3. 3 house emojis are pre-populated for you in the "city and/or neighborhood" field. These are proven to get the best results.

Since Facebook rules require a minimum of a 15 mile radius, the home emojis will ensure that the ad speaks to everyone even if they live slightly out of the city or in a nearby community.

Then put the city that you want to target in the address section and zoom in or out to get an estimated radius of 15 miles (For most locations this will include the city and some of the surrounding area).

You can also select Map view or Satellite view at this time

4. Click "Next" then click "Drop a Pin"

Put in your city and move the pin as desired.

The Radius must be a minimum of 15 miles as per Facebook's housing policy rules.

5. Click "Done" and then "Next"

The daily ad budget is set to $9/day as a default. We recommend $9/day per ad but you can adjust this if needed.

We recommend launching ads as a 3 ad split test to find the best audience. To launch the ad as a 3 ad split test change the number to 3 for the amount of ads that you want to run.

Please note: You are responsible for your own ad spend. Facebook will charge your ad account directly.

6. Select if you want the ads to run on Facebook or Instagram or both.

7. Enter your estimated commission value.

Commission will be used to calculate whether the ads are doing well for your market.

Hit "Deploy"!

Congratulations! You just created your ad!

After 24-48 hours you will want to shut off the 2 under performing ads and leave the winner running.

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