Creating a Custom Lead Ad

Learn how to create a custom lead ad and what the form fields indicate

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1. Click select on the Custom Lead Ad template in the funnels section.

2. Filled in the body and title section.

Here is an example test ad:

3. Add an image

- Ideally you are going to want to upload an image, once uploaded it will automatically connect to the ad. Next time you build an ad you will find that image in the “Your Images” tab.

4. Input the Facebook form information as this is created on Facebook's side. Use the below Screenshots to reference where these will show up and what they will look like.

Reference - Form

Reference - Thank You Page

Note that the "Follow Up URL" (the last input) is a link that you want your leads to be directed to after filling out the form. Some examples of possible follow up URLs include your website or MLS.

5. Targeting: Enter your targeting city here.

6. Daily Budget: Typically $9 a day is a good starting/testing budget.

7. Channels:

Facebook is set by default, you can also select Instagram. Your $9/day budget will just be divided between the target audience on both Facebook and Instagram.

To use Instagram you must have previously connected your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

8. Estimated Commission Value:

Place an estimated value of the lead you are seeking. For example: If you are targeting buyers in a neighbor just make a guess at how much that lead might be worth to you, say $7,000 for one end of the transaction. This will help identify if the lead price range is in or outside of the correct range.

Congratulations! You just created your ad!

Please note: With custom ads, no automatic emails or texts have been created to follow up with the leads.

For more help with custom ads we have a weekly custom ads class!

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