You are able to check your ads through the Facebook ads section here

You can verify if an ad is running correctly by ensuring a few things:

  1. The ad you are inquiring about is toggled on (switch is green) and is set to Active. If you see "Pending," you just have to wait for Facebook bots to review and approve. Please note this can take up to 24hrs.

2. Check that there have been stats populating in the last 7 days. Note that if you just recently launched the ad(s), this data will not show yet.

Next Steps

If you have confirmed that your ad is turned on and showing active in steps 1 & 2 but your ad is not gathering any data in step 3, this indicates that your ad is not delivering. You will want to turn the ad off and relaunch it following the steps in the link below πŸ‘‡

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