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Pricing: How much does SteetText cost?
Pricing: How much does SteetText cost?

The costs of the Lead Magnet system (StreetText platform) after trial

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All of our current pricing is available on our website via the link below!

When you decide to become a StreetText member, you will pay for the term of your choosing and then it renews at the M2M rate associated with the term you chose after your term is done. For example, let's say you choose the 12-month plan which is $1920 upfront. Then on month 13, you would then pay $160 m2m. During this time and beyond, it's a great opportunity for you to build up your affiliate credit. Check out this article on how our affiliate program works. We have some members who don't even pay for StreetText because of how many people they have referred and have signed up for membership too.

Note: Keep in mind your ad spend is an additional cost that is charged directly from Facebook. We recommend at least $9/day per ad for most markets, however, if you're in a highly competitive and expensive market, you will likely want to up your ad budget between $12-$15+/ad.

Click the button below to watch a video from our Success Guide, Ira, on how to understand your Facebook payments/billing.

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