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Personalize your affiliate/referral page
Personalize your affiliate/referral page

How to personalize your affiliate/referrals page

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Referring other agents to StreetText is a great way to boost your ROI and spread the love.

For every referral you send our way, StreetText gives back 10% of their monthly subscription as a credit to your account for the lifetime of each referral's stay with us. You will see the credit applied on your next bill with StreetText. If you pre-paid for your StreetText account, your credit will accrue monthly.

Wondering how to access & use your unique affiliate link? Follow the steps below!

  1. Head over to your Affiliate page

  2. On this page, you’ll note three ways to refer others:

    Your Referral Link
    - This takes your referral directly to the Start Trial page - with no personal introduction.

    Your Referral Page
    - This takes your referral to a page that you can personalize and make your own, before prompting them to start a trial. Add in your own BombBomb video of why you love StreetText and why they will too. Give them some advice in the video too. More explained below.

    Refer to Emails
    - This allows you to email a referral code to your referral directly. Please ensure you have their permission to do so beforehand!

3. To customize your affiliate code, click on the pencil icon beside the alphanumeric code.

We recommend something catchy, like “growwithjulie” to brand it to you.

4. Once you’ve customized your link, you can now view and edit your referral page to make it your own. Copy and paste the link into your browser to preview what your page looks like.

Tip: If you’re comfortable with HTML, you can edit your page to be whatever you’d like by clicking on the edit icon beside your link:

5. The best way to drive attention is to replace the video that’s currently on your page with a new video of yourself. To do this, shoot a quick BombBomb or YouTube video of yourself, and explain your experience with StreetText. Let this be an opportunity to introduce yourself and get them started on a path to success, perhaps giving them advice on what to do in their trial. Anything to get them going!

Once you’ve created your video, connect with Customer Success and we'll guide you through the process of updating your referral page.

6. Send your link to whoever you’d like to refer, and you’re on your way! So are they!

Please note:

In order to receive your credit, your referral must click directly on one of your links, and proceed to sign up for their trial at the same time. If they click on it and then come back later to sign up, you may not be credited.

Tip: Make yourself available to help guide your referral through the process, and help them set up their first ad! This way you can build a relationship from the start, and ensure they’re set up for success.

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