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When should I reset my ads?
When should I reset my ads?
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Resetting your ad(s) is something we do on a case by case basis. Here's why! 

Resetting an ad resets its relevancy and cost per click. Doing this will change everything about the ad(s) initial performance and can be good if the ad isn't performing at the rate you would like. 

There are some cases where we will wait to reset the ad, as it takes time for the ad to perform, and can change and gain relevancy very quickly. 

It's also important to remember that your lead flow will always change depending on the market, holidays and ad engagement on a day-to-day basis. If it drops for a considerable amount of time (7 + days) you may need to make some changes to your ad. 

We always recommend coming to an Ads Help and Performance Class before making any changes to your ads, as the class experts will know best regarding your advertisement and its performance.

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