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How much should my daily Facebook budget be?
How much should my daily Facebook budget be?
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We recommend setting your daily ad budget at $7 a day. This is the amount that is set for the budget during your 7 day trial period - so if you liked the results, we would recommend continuing on with this amount going forward.

If you wanted to make any changes to your ad spend, we can increase or decrease the budget. The minimum Facebook will allow per ad is $1 a day. However, our Lead Generation specialists recommend going no lower than $3 a day - as any lower will drastically affect your lead flow. Additionally, you can increase your daily ad spend to whatever fits your personal budget - just keep in mind, that this budget should match your marketing spend so it can be realistic for the long term.

If you are making any changes to your budget, any changes of more than 20% increments (in a 24hour period) will reset the audience algorithm and thus can affect the cost per lead.

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