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How to connect your CRM to StreetText
How to connect your CRM to StreetText

How to integrate your CRM to your StreetText Account

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You can use either email parsing or Zapier to integrate your leads with your CRM.

To integrate through email parsing:

  1. Ask your CRM for your "email parsing email address"

  2. Once you have it, click on the gear on the top right to open settings and click Integrations

3. Under "Sync Contacts By Email" click "add an email address"

4. Enter your email address

5. Choose if you want the leads to be sent when they are created or updated

6. Select what contact information you want the leads to have

7. Select whether you want all leads or just leads from the lead ad or other ad types.

8. Select where the leads are being sent to. Select "Send leads for email parsing (industry standard)" if you do not see your CRM listed.

To integrate using Zapier:

Go to and connect the StreetText app with the app from your CRM

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