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Learn How to Track your ROI
Learn How to Track your ROI

Learn how to track your ROI in StreetText

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The deal stages in your contacts are used to calculate your ROI.

To use the deal stages, first, open your contacts by clicking "Contacts" in the left menu in Your StreetText account.

  1. Click "Set Stage" for the contact of your choosing

2. Select a deal stage from the drop-down list.

3. If you select one of the first 3 deal stages for the first time for that lead you will be asked what the estimated deal value is to you. This will be used to calculate the ROI potential in your account. You can also add deal stages to this list.

Enter your estimated commission in the "How much do you estimate this deal is worth?" field, enter a deal name, and select an estimated timeframe.

When you have closed a deal:

Select "Closed" in the deal stages for that contact.

Enter the actual commission value in the "how much is this deal worth to you" field

See your ROI increase on your Dashboard

Once you have selected "closed" as a deal stage and have entered your commission, StreetText will display your total sales and the number of closed deals on your dashboard.

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