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Why are my leads coming in empty/blank?
Why are my leads coming in empty/blank?

Find out how to fix leads coming in blank with no information from lead ads.

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Blank leads from lead ads are a sign of a permission problem on your account.

The first thing is to verify you are still listed as an admin of your Facebook Page.

If you cannot see any of the steps below, you're not an admin of your page and will need to be an admin to receive leads.

  1. Go to the Facebook Page you're using for your StreetText account.

2. Click on "Settings" at the bottom left of your page

3. Click on "Page Roles"

4. Make sure you're listed as an Admin on your page

If you are not listed as an admin: you will need to have the current admin of the page give you permission or you will need to set up a new page to run ads on.

If you are listed as an admin: continue with the following steps.

5. Go to your business manager settings

If you do not have a business manager: you will have to create one before continuing.

6. Click "pages"

If you do not have a page associated you will need to add one. Click the add button and type in the page name that you want to connect and select.

If your

7. Once you have selected your page you will see people on the right. Click the drop-down arrow across from your name.

8. Scroll down until you see "Manage Page" and make sure the switch is toggled on. If you turn it on, make sure you click "save" at the bottom.

9. If you have completed all of the steps above, your leads should no longer come in empty. You can test it by going to your ad and submitting your information as a lead. You can then double-check in contacts to make sure your leads are coming in properly.

*If you're still experiencing issues, you can reach out to us via the blue chat box in your StreetText dashboard and we are happy to help.

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