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How to Become a StreetText Affiliate
How to Become a StreetText Affiliate
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1. Click here to visit our Homepage. Once there, click 'Start 7-Day Trial.'

2. Fill out the required information on the page the Free Trial will take you. During the free trial, no credit card details are necessary.

3. After setting up your account, navigate to the 'Dashboard' tab. In the dropdown menu under your name, select 'Referrals.'

4. On the Referrals page, find your referral link, which you can personalize as you wish.

5. As you start getting referrals, you can view them on the same page.


What will happen after the 7-Day Trial ends?

After the trial period, you'll still have access to the account for the affiliate side. The trial is primarily to experience the features, and access will continue beyond the trial period.

Would I be able to receive Affiliate Commission rather than Referrals Credit? Wouldn't I be able to withdraw commission/credit?

You can receive Affiliate Commission instead of Referral Credits and you can get payouts via PayPal for commissions greater than $100.


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