Integrating with iList
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If you are an iList user then you will find integrating StreetText with iList simple and easy. Once integrated you will be able to launch iList specific ads that will capture new leads and drive them to your iList experience.

Integrate iList

  1. Make sure you have created a custom domain in StreetText by going to Settings > Domains

  2. Log into your iList console then go to Marketing > Marketplace

  1. Look for the iList/StreetText integration and click Add Feature

  2. Click the Connect to StreetText button it will prompt you to log in to StreetText

  3. On the next screen click Authorize Application

6. Now you can select your domain from the drop down and click Sync StreetText Domain

Now you are all set and ready to launch the iList StreetText ads!

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