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Follow Up Boss Integration with StreetText
Follow Up Boss Integration with StreetText
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StreetText has a direct integration with Follow Up Boss. There are many benefits to using the direct integration over email parsing. These benefit include:

  • Send leads from StreetText instantly to Follow Up Boss

  • Any updates to a lead are automatically synced between the 2 platforms

  • Send any new leads from Follow Up Boss to StreetText (optional)

  • Sync your entire Follow Up Boss database (optional)

  • Sync your Follow Up Boss Pipeline and create Custom Audience from your Stages to Remarket to. (optional)

You will need to be the owner of the FUB account to integrate. FUB sub accounts cannot integrate directly with ST.

Integration is easy with these quick easy steps:

Now that you have FUB Connected. Easily create Facebook Audiences

We're excited to introduce a powerful new integration that seamlessly connects your Follow Boss account with StreetText. Here are some of the highlights and features:

  1. Perfect Syncing: Once you sync your Follow Boss account, StreetText mirrors it. All tags, stages, and other details in your Follow Boss are automatically updated in StreetText.

  2. Ad Targeting: You can run specific ads targeted to any stage in your Follow Boss account. For example, if you wish to target leads, you can filter by the 'lead' deal stage. You can save these filters and even sync them to Facebook, creating dynamic audiences.

  3. Dynamic Updating: If you move leads to a different stage in Follow Boss, the changes reflect in real-time in your Facebook audiences. For instance, if you move a lead from 'buyer' to 'lead', the lead count updates instantly.

  4. Advanced Filtering: Beyond deal stages, you can filter using tags present in your Follow Boss account. So, you could target leads with a specific tag, say 'seller', and create targeted Facebook audiences based on that.

  5. Audience Size Recommendation: While you can create audiences of any size, for effective remarketing, aim for audiences with a minimum of 200 people.

  6. Automation & Customization: Launching an ad via StreetText triggers a series of automated emails and text messages. While you can use StreetText's pre-set automations, you also have the flexibility to:

    • Run both StreetText and Follow-Up Boss automations simultaneously.

    • Turn off any specific automation or edit them.

    • Customize and add personal touches to the messages.

    • Add tags from your Follow Boss account, enabling more complex automation sequences.

  7. End-to-End Campaigns: As your StreetText automation runs, you can now add tags at the end of the sequence. This allows you to set off additional automations in Follow Boss, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

With this integration, you no longer need to export CSV files from Follow Boss to sync with Facebook. Your contacts are automatically in sync with any Facebook or Instagram audience, enabling efficient remarketing strategies.

For a more visual guide and deeper dive into these features, refer to our video tutorial. Also, consider joining our classes or exploring more help articles to harness the full potential of this integration.

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