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Leads not coming into StreetText
Leads not coming into StreetText

Learn why leads are showing on Facebook but not in StreetText

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There could be two reasons why leads are not coming into your account:

Reason one: If leads are not coming into your account but are showing up on Facebook then you are missing StreetText in the lead ad integration step which can be found here:

If this link doesn't take you to the Lead Access section on Facebook, go to Business Settings and find 'Lead Access' under Integrations.

Please follow the steps in this picture to make sure StreetText is connected as a CRM in your lead access:

Reason two: Your ads may be turned off or you may have an unsettled account with Facebook. You should see any notifications within your 'ads' tab in StreetText regarding this. Please head to Facebooks billing

to double check that you have a payment method on file and that there are no overdue/unpaid invoices. Once a payment method is applied or invoices paid, Facebook will automatically unpause the ads.

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