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Can I target more than one location during my 7-day trial?
Can I target more than one location during my 7-day trial?

Wondering what to expect during your 7-day trial? Read the article below to learn more about trial details.

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When starting your 7-day trial, we recommend starting with one location as in, one Facebook account.

If you're running a buyer ad, you can drop pins in multiple locations because buyers are coming from everywhere. So for example, if you live in Kelowna, BC, but you know people are moving from Vancouver, BC to Kelowna, you can also drop a pin in Vancouver. Just make sure in the text copy when building the ad, you have input "city, province/state" so prospects know this isn't for Vancouver, instead it's looking for relocators moving to Kelowna.

If you are interested in targeting different locations such as you have scattered offices across the country, you can start trials for multiple areas as an AB test.

You can reach out to your account manager to set this up and get more details on how to set up different ad accounts and the cost.

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