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I received a lead, but they only provided me with their address.
I received a lead, but they only provided me with their address.

I have an Address-only lead, what do I do next? Read below to learn what to do next.

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If you received a new lead with an address but no other contact information, this means you have received an "Address Only" contact which is when a lead submits only the first part of the funnel. These can be found in the Address Only section of the Contacts page.

The system is designed to get as much information from leads coming in willing they are ready to provide it. This is why the system uses micro-commitments to extract the details of the prospect.

What should you do next? People who only submit an address after they have clicked on your, are not a BAD lead! We have agents sharing on the Mastermind all the time how they achieved a listing from an address-only lead. Think of it this way, if someone enters their address on your ad, they would have had to click on it first and enter their address. The next stage of the funnel asks for their email. If they have stopped here, they likely did because they knew they would be put on an email drip campaign, also, people are hesitant in this day and age to just leave their contact details. They're curious for a reason, you just need to find out why. So, how do you engage with an address-only lead? You send them some kind of personal mailer or a CMA drop-off. Our community has shared tons of ideas in the insider group under the topics section "#addressonlyleads," as well, we're always discussing address-only tips at the Masterminds. Our primary goal with address-only submissions is to build trust with the prospect which will help to open a line of communication. Here are some examples: 

Contacting a lead only once every 3-months might not seem like much, but this strategy works very well for Gina Wade, an independent realtor, who sees lots of success from address submissions. Gina puts a lot of love into her systems, which is one of the reasons why she has success with address submissions. “I was able to sell hundreds of new homes in my community and build a good network of clients.” Here is how she does it.

If three months seems too far apart, put your leads on a 30-day mailer.  Make sure this mailer changes every month so your address submissions are getting updated and enticing information. This could be a number of different things such as educational letters, news about the leads market, or even a seasonal greeting. 

Want to connect with the address-only leads quicker?

Facebook is a great way to connect with any of your leads, including address-only leads. Find their name by looking up tax records, pulling titles, or finding another means to find more information about the lead. Search their name on Facebook under the "People" tab and narrow down the options by entering a city into the filters. Once you have narrowed down the options send your lead a friend request and a message. 

Check-in with our community!

The StreetText Insider Group is the best place to find up-to-date and innovative ideas for address-only leads and many other tips and tricks. If you are not already in the StreetText Insider Group, please reach out to your guide or support, and we will send you an invitation to the group.

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