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How often will I be billed by StreetText and Facebook?
How often will I be billed by StreetText and Facebook?

Wondering how often you'll receive a bill from StreetText and Facebook? See below for additional information!

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StreetText Subscription

You are billed based on the term you selected upon signup.

We offer 3-month contracts, 6-month contracts, and 12-month contracts.

All contracts will automatically renew at the monthly rate at the end of the term unless we have received a cancellation form request from you. See the following article to learn more -

Facebook Budget

In addition to your subscription, you are billed by Facebook for the ad budget. We recommend an ad budget of $9/day per ad but you are able to change that to whatever works for your budget. If you're in a higher-priced market and you would agree it's more competitive, raise your budget closer to $12-$15+.

Your credit card is charged when you reach your billing threshold, with the remaining balance billed at the end of every month - whichever comes first.

This means that you will see various charges from Facebook on your credit card statement.

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