How to send leads with Zapier
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To send leads to a Zapier supported application, you will need to select the StreetText app as your trigger when creating a new Zap.  To do so, type “StreetText” in the search field as shown in the example below.

Click the “StreetText” application from the drop down list and it will automatically move you to the next step.

Choosing your Trigger

The trigger is the event needs to take place in order for another event to follow.  In this case, the event will be “New Lead”.  This means when a person has clicked through and entered their contact information the Zap you design will run.  

To add this as the trigger simply click “Save + Continue”


Select StreetText Account

If you haven’t already, you will need to connect your StreetText account to Zapier.  

 To do so, simply click on the button you see below:

You will need to either provide your login details or if you are already logged into StreetText you can click “Authorize”

Test This Step

You have finished building the trigger component of your Zap so now it's time to test it.  Make sure you have at least one(1) lead in the funnel you selected and click "Fetch and Continue".


Once you have set up your trigger event, you will now choose an action.


Select the Application

First, select the application you would like to use with the trigger.  For this example, we will send a new lead to a CRM contact list.

Next, choose the action you want the application to perform.

Click Save+Continue

Now you need to connect your CRM account to Zapier.  Click on the button you see below, and enter your login details. 

You will receive instructions on how to connect your account from the Zapier window.

Set up template

Setting up the template is required to link the StreetText information to the receiving application.  Each application requires different information.  

To find the details required, click on the plus sign and look for the StreetText details

If you are looking for a First Name, you should see something like this in the text field when completed. 

Finishing your Zap

To finish your Zap, you will need to test this step the same as in Step 1.  If successful you will be prompted to turn your Zap ON!

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