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Learn how to safeguard your ST account from excessive FB disconnections.

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StreetText users can safeguard their StreetText account from excessive Facebook disconnections by following a few security protocols that should avoid Facebook algorithms from flagging their account as suspicious. Some disconnections will naturally occur due to tokens expiring through the normal lifespan, but other disconnection instances can be avoided.

Create a strong password

Be sure to choose a strong password to minimize the risk of your account being compromised. Strong passwords can be created following these password security guidelines:

  • Avoid using sequential numbers or letters. For example, do not use 1234, abcd, etc.

  • Avoid using your birth year or birth month/day in your passwords. This information can be easily found by cyber criminals

  • Create a combination of letters, numbers and symbols at least 12 characters in length

  • Create phrases by combining different unrelated words together. This will help you remember the password more easily

  • Avoid using names or words found in the dictionary

  • Do not reuse your passwords

  • Consider using a password manager to store your passwords

Avoid sharing your Facebook login credentials

Usernames and passwords should be kept secure and not shared with anyone else. Each member of your team should be signing into their own Facebook account. If the same login credentials are used to login to different devices, web browsers or from different geographic locations, Facebook might flag the account with suspicious activity causing your token to disconnect. If members of your team require access to a page or group, ensure their Facebook account has admin access to that page or group.

Avoid revoking StreetText’s access

Avoid revoking StreetText’s access from your Facebook account’s settings. When you sign up for StreetText, StreetText is connected to your Facebook account, allowing you to launch ads in StreetText that get deployed in Facebook. If StreetText is removed from your Facebook access, your StreetText account will disconnect from Facebook.

Be proactive with security access

Establish recurring reminders to review the access privileges associated with your pages and groups in Facebook. Be proactive about removing those who should no longer have access to these pages and groups. Note - the user who added the account, group or page in StreetText must retain their admin privileges.

Use your real name

Ensure you use the same name on Facebook that you use in your day-to-day life. It is important that people can identify who they are connecting with on Facebook. Alias names can be flagged as specious on Facebook.

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