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Facebook account disconnecting
Facebook account disconnecting

Learn why StreetText disconnect from your Facebook account and how to avoid this from happening again.

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StreetText is connected to your Facebook business page and Facebook ad account using Access tokens provided by Facebook. From time to time, these access tokens expire or become invalid, requiring you to reconnect your Facebook account to StreetText. When you reconnect your Facebook account to StreetText, a new token will be generated.

Facebook uses security algorithms to keep your Facebook account and data secure. As hackers become more sophisticated, Facebook is constantly monitoring and making changes to their security algorithms to identify suspicious activity in an attempt to keep your data secure. If Facebook identifies activity that is believed to be suspicious, they will force your access token to third party apps to disable. This will cause your Facebook account to disconnect from StreetText.

We understand that disconnections between your Facebook account and StreetText can be extremely frustrating, but they occur to protect your data. You can prevent the instances of Facebook account disconnections by following these security protocols.

Disconnection Reasons

Token Expiration

There are three reasons why tokens will expire:

  • Account setting changes, such as changing a password

  • Facebook forcing a token expiration as a security measure

  • Tokens expiring after running their normal lifespan

Account Setting Changes

Changes to your Facebook can cause tokens to expire. Here are some of the common changes that cause disconnections:

  • Changes to your username or password

  • Revoking StreetText’s access to your Facebook account. Within your Facebook settings, there is a list of apps with permission to connect to your Facebook account. StreetText must remain on this list to launch ads from StreetText.

  • The user who added StreetText to the Facebook account loses admin status or access to a page/group

Facebook forcing a token expiration

Facebook’s algorithms may identify behavior which Facebook believes is a potential security threat. If Facebook identifies this behavior, they may force your token to expire. Common behaviours likely to flag an account:

  • Using alias usernames that don’t appear to be real names

  • Logging in with the same account credentials from different IP addresses (sharing logins between users and/or devices).

  • Publishing content that is flagged for copyright violations

  • Publishing content that is flagged as inappropriate

Tokens expiring after running their normal lifespan

Tokens have a normal lifespan associated with them and will naturally expire when the lifespan of the token has been reached. The expiration is meant as a security protocol to protect your data.

Updating your Facebook Password

Changing or updating your Facebook password can cause a disconnection to occur

Security alert

Facebook has identified what it believes to be a suspicious login attempt on your Facebook account. Logging in from a device or web browser that Facebook doesn’t recognize can prompt a security alert.

Facebook access revoked

When you sign up for StreetText, you connect your Facebook account to StreetText and StreetText is then authorized in your Facebook account’s business integrations. If you revoke access to StreetText in your Facebook account, Facebook will disconnect from StreetText.

Security Checkpoint

Security checks are alternative ways of confirming your identity, such as confirming your date of birth. When Facebook identifies a risk indicating your account is potentially compromised, it will trigger a security check when you login. Security checks need to be completed within Facebook before you or StreetText can access the account.

Risks that trigger security checks:

  • Compromised account

  • Unrecognized login attempts

  • Incomplete set up of two-factor authentication

  • Reports of inappropriate content

  • Reports of copyright infringement

Steps to resolve this issue and unblock your account:

  1. Clear the cookies and history from your browser

  2. Sign in directly to your Facebook account

  3. Complete the security check provided

  4. Wait 24 hours before logging into Facebook again

You can reduce future instances of security checkpoints by:

  • Reviewing your account’s security and login settings and setting up all available security measures

  • Complete set up of two-factor authentication

  • Review Facebook’s help article: Keep your Facebook account secure

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