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Texting Automation Updates (U.S. specific)
Texting Automation Updates (U.S. specific)

Update text messaging to comply with new regulations

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Important notice on text automation: (especially for U.S. users)

We are working on updating our text messaging (Julie) system to ensure it complies with the new requirements for sending business messages.

The Campaign Registry has the authority for registering campaigns for application-to-person messages via text. The US telecom providers are members of the Campaign Registry, which recently changed the requirements for sending business text messages, and require more information about the originating business in an effort to reduce spam by reducing the anonymity of sending automated messages.

How is this going to impact your StreetText account?

The impact is that StreetText customers may notice message delivery rates are declining as they are subject to higher filter rules.

  • For American customers, the fix will be to collect your business EIN number and update it on your StreetText account. To update, click on your profile name on the top right corner and go to 'My profile' section.

    Scroll down the profile setting page and find the 'Business Registration Number' box under Additional Business Information to put in your EIN number.

  • For non-American customers, you probably won't be impacted unless you are in the habit of sending SMS to US numbers. Should Canadian customers send text messages to US numbers, we will need your provincial or federal business numbers and you can follow the same steps above to add it into your StreetText account.

If you have any questions about adding EIN number to your profile, please send a message to [email protected] and we will be happy to help, thank you.

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