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Connect StreetText to Sierra through Email Parsing.
Connect StreetText to Sierra through Email Parsing.

Quickly send leads from StreetText to Sierra in just a couple steps.

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This article will show you how any of your StreetText leads can be sent to Sierra. The only downside to this integration is as of the time of this writing, Sierra is unable to read the TAGS being sent over with the lead form.

If you want your tags to be sent over as well, be sure to check out StreetText & Sierra Interactive - Zapier.

Step 1: Sierra

Login to Sierra Interactive and go to Integrations

Scroll down until you see "StreetText"

Click on "StreetText" and it will show you a special email, click "copy".

Step 2: StreetText

Login to StreetText and go to integrations

In the field "Send Contact To" paste the email you copied from Sierra.

On the right-hand side where it says "Then" select "Send leads for email parsing (Industry Standard)"

That's it, your leads will now automatically be sent to Sierra from StreetText.

Keep in mind it can take up to 10 minutes for your leads to show up in Sierra.

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