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Improving your Responses with Video
Improving your Responses with Video

How-to receive more responses from your leads using a good CTA and video, such as BombBomb

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Improving responses:

Put a really good question in your initial communication to start a conversation and a strong call-to-action (CTA). Consider this in the email:

  • Empathy

  • Value

  • Ask

I.e. Empathize that they may or may not be interested in selling right now as the market is kinda crazy etc. Then consider the value you want to give maybe it's a market report or a complimentary home evaluation or both. Then the ask or CTA is to reach back through whatever channel you would like them to respond. If you give someone something to do with a benefit, they are more likely to do it.

BombBomb - Video platform

A great way to have more responses is to start using video. Whether that's video text messages or video platforms such as BombBomb, in your emails. Video is a great way for your prospects to meet you!

Don't know much or anything about BombBomb? Check out this webinar we had with Alicia Berruti from BombBomb to see the power of the tool.

Key points for your videos (See examples from agents via the Insider Group.)

1. Do all your introduction emails contain: Empathy, Value, & Call to Action?

  • EMPATHY: For example: "I can only imagine how disappointed you were to find no home value on the other side of your Facebook click."

  • VALUE: Currently, the internet is about six months behind, and their algorithm doesn't consider local data OR any updates to your home, so I wanted to say thank you by offering you a custom, in-depth, no-obligation home value.

  • CTA (Call to Action)- To say thank you for supporting small businesses, I wanted to give you a few easy ways to connect about your home...(Think zoom, facetime, text, phone, pictures, in person, etc), give them options for their comfortability until you've built rapport and trust.

***Keep your intro video less than a minute, ideally 30-45 seconds***

2. Subject Lines should have clarity or create curiosity. For example:

  • 🎥VIDEO for Markus Willard RE. your home value on 133 Glenridge Ave.

3. (IMPORTANT) Make sure you have text above and below the video - “Sandwich” your video.

  • The text below the video: Can simply be "thank you for giving me the opportunity to evaluate your home's true market value. If you would love a more accurate valuation factoring in any updates, please reach out and I am happy to help you out however you need."

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