How to set up Ad Targeting

Best way to set up your ad targeting for your area (Instructional Video attached)

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Before we dive into targeting, we need to make one thing clear and that is the Minimum, 15-mile (25 km) radius when advertising in the housing category on Facebook. Gone are the days of being able to target a certain zip code. The best way to make your ad local to the people you're looking to target is to use local imagery. Ie welcome to ___ signs.
When you're choosing your ad targeting, you have two options:

In most cases, we recommend using the "Drop a Pin" option over typing in your location. Why? Because you are able to manipulate your map and move it around to what is ideal for you. You can expand the radius, you just can't go smaller. Instructional Video below.

What we see quite often is people will type in a bunch of locations they want to target, similar to the image below, but what you don't realize is, Facebook adds a 15-mile (25 km) radius automatically, so when you add in however many locations, inadvertently, you're likely targeted a much larger radius. This is why we recommend using the drop a pin, so you can move the circle to whatever is ideal for you. Grab the pin to move the whole map, grab anywhere within the blue circle to drag the map.

Instructional Video

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