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How to Improve Email Open Rates
How to Improve Email Open Rates

Learn how to improve your email open rates

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Did you know if emails are not opened by recipients three times in a row, many email providers will now start watching your next emails carefully, and could even start flagging them as spam or marketing!

So, it's important to ensure that at least one of your first three emails gets opened, and here are some tips to improve the open rates!


  • Open rates are usually highest early in the week and peak on Tuesdays. So if you have a Monthly or Weekly report or newsletter, consider sending it on Tuesdays.

  • Mid-afternoon is usually the highest time for open rate peaking at 3pm. Consider sending your emails at 1pm to hit this timeline. Even consider holding off sending a home evaluation request if it comes in after the peak time, to increase the chase of them opening it.

Subject Line:

  • The subject line is the hook to get them in the email. Make sure it is 50 characters or less so it doesn't get cut off.

  • 6-10 words is optimal for a subject line, 8 is the sweet spot.

  • A personalized subject line can lift open rates by 20%! So use their name or address. Remember everyone loves the sound of their own name. It also shows that you at least took some time on your email.

  • The most clicked on words are: Secrets and Awesome.

  • Words that will most likely get you flagged as spam: Confirm, Features, and Upgrade.

  • Try not to use any questions marks or use the hashtag # in subject lines.

  • If you have a video in the email, say so in the subject line! πŸŽ₯

  • Avoid using ALL CAPS... no one likes to be yelled at.

  • Emoji's πŸ‘‹. can help your email stand out, but one is often enough. Keep in mind that they are treated as exclamation marks, too many of those and you can get flagged.

  • Create engaging preview text. This is the first 150 characters in the email body that get displayed under the subject line in the inbox.

For more example templates and tips on naming the subject line, check out this document that we've put together!

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