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Setting up your personally branded domain
Setting up your personally branded domain

Setting up your personally branded domain

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These steps will only need to be completed once.

Step 1: Select a Domain Name

Start by logging into your StreetText account and then click the button below. Make sure you have read the additional info below the video first. Review some suggestions/examples below the video before selecting your domain.

  1. Click the blue-button "Register a .com" on the domain page that you opened.

  2. Search for a custom domain you would like and then click search (you DON'T need to add ".com" to the end when searching)

    Some examples could include:



    • (put hyphens between words of your current website)

    • OR

    • (a good option for a team)

*We recommend choosing a domain that you don't want to use for other purpose in the future, because this domain is purchased through StreetText and there is an additional fee to release the domain and set up a new one.

3. Select the green button “Available” beside the domain name you want to select.

4. Confirm you want to pick this domain. Please note that this domain will be purchased by StreetText. If you wish to change this domain in the future, a $100 release domain fee will apply.

5. Once you see the “Congrats…” page just click 'fire facebook pixel' and then click 'fire pixel' in the new page that opens up. Now you're set to run seller evaluation ads!

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