SMS message not delivering

Possible reasons the sms message is not delivering and what you can do to increase the delivery rate.

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If you are seeing a red exclamation mark beside the first SMS message (or any SMS message) in your conversations that means the message was not delivered. If you see the message in a conversation showing as undelivered it is likely that the phone carrier has blocked the message in their spam filters. OR, it could be a landline.

The first step is to make sure your address and phone number are up to date in your profile

Due to new requirements, your full address and phone number need to be up to date in your profile. Please make sure those are filled out here:

In order to increase the delivery rate, we recommend editing the SMS message.

  1. Go to settings โš™๏ธ > all automations > Then click edit on the Home Valuation Automation

  2. Scroll down past the emails until you see the first SMS message.

3. Click on the message and replace the {{profile.name_first}} link with your name to reduce the number of links in the message. We also recommend making a couple of small changes to the wording. You can also change the second message so that it makes sense independently if the first message does not deliver.

Possible examples of changing the first SMS:

  • Removing "i.e updates"

  • Change "Is there anything specific about your home that may affect its value?" to "What do you love about your home?"

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