NOTE: You must click Publish on Facebook after each change. If you make multiple changes and click publish the ad will be rejected.

Facebook has new anti-discrimination rules coming into effect for Canada on December 3rd, 2020 and are already in place for the US.

As such ads created before December will need to be updated to include the special ad category or be deleted. The location targeting will be expanded to a minimum of a 15 mile radius for the ads.

The easiest option going forward would be to delete all of your old ads and relaunch new ads. If you have an ad that is performing great you may instead want to keep that ad and add the special ad category in your Facebook ad manger.

How to delete ads

Go to your Facebook ad manager and select the ads that you want to delete. You can select all using the check button at the top left if you want to delete all of your ads. (Please note that this cannot be undone) We recommend deleting any ads that you are not currently using or hope to use in the future to avoid these being disapproved in the future.

After deleting the ads in your Facebook account you can archive the ads in your StreetText account to avoid confusion.

How to change the special ad category ads that you want to keep

Select all remaining StreetText or Real Estate ads in your Facebook ad manager and click edit.

Turn the special ad category on the right on and click housing in the drop down box.

If this pops up in the special ad category click "update ad sets"

Wait a couple of minutes if you have multiple ads for Facebook to update and then click the publish button to publish changes.

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