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How to add 2-factor authentication (2fa)
How to add 2-factor authentication (2fa)

Adding 2fa to your FB account to help protect yourself from scammers

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To turn on or manage two-factor authentication:

  1. Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit.

  2. Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions.

When you set up two-factor authentication on Facebook, you’ll be asked to choose one of two security methods:

You'll need to have at least one of these set up in order to use two-factor authentication. Once you have added either text message (SMS) codes or a third-party authentication app to your account, you'll also be able to set up some of the optional methods below:

  • Approving your login attempt from a device we recognize.

  • Use one of your recovery codes.

  • Tapping your security key on a compatible device.

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