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Adding a Bomb Bomb template to your Email Automation (Advanced)
Adding a Bomb Bomb template to your Email Automation (Advanced)

Learn how to add a Bomb Bomb template to your StreetText emails.

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  1. Login to your Bomb Bomb account and go to the emails section

2. Click edit on the template that you want to use.

3. Click the "show source" button at the bottom right hand side of the page. (might be partially hiding under the help button)

4. Click anywhere in the html section, select all, then copy

Select all= CTRL A (PC) or COMMAND A (Mac)

Copy= CTRL C (PC) or COMMAND C (Mac)

5. Go to your StreetText emails in another tab and click edit on the email that you want to add the template to or click the New Email button.

6. Click the source code button above the email

7. Click anywhere in the code and select all, then paste the code that you copied from Bomb Bomb and click OK.

Select all= CTRL A (PC) or COMMAND A (Mac)

Paste= CTRL V (PC) or COMMAND V (Mac)

8. You should now see your template in the email but you still need to add links for all of the videos. Go to your bomb bomb emails and click the "share email" button then "copy link".

9. Go back to your StreetText email click on a video then click the link button.

10. Paste the link in the URL.

11. Repeat step 9 and 10 for any additional videos in your template. The link will bring the lead directly to The Bomb Bomb email template where they will be able to click all of the videos

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