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Where to find the StreetText academy tutorials, classes, masterminds, courses, and other learning resources

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As a StreetText member, you have access to highly effective ad templates, automations, and account features. In order to make the most of your StreetText account, we offer tutorials, live classes, masterminds, and a great collaborative community!

All of these learning resources can be found in your StreetText dashboard.

You will need to sign up for a free Thinkific account to access this course. In the course, we will walk you through the steps for getting started with your StreetText account. This is also a great course to go through if you need a refresher or have a new assistant starting with you. Check out this StreetText Checklist article too.

We have an ever-growing list of daily live classes hosted by our StreetText guides and support. We have classes on conversion, ad creation, domain setup (1-on-1), ad performance, and automations. All of these classes will offer both personalized and group help.

Let's CONVERT those leads! Come prepared to discuss your WINS, scripts, and challenges, and let's mastermind so we can all come away with the best conversion strategies, tips, and methods to start the conversation with every StreetText lead. We consistently see that those who attend the Masterminds and engage with the community see a higher conversion rate with their leads.

Jennifer Salter breaks down her mindset and process for following up with her StreetText leads.

Gabriel Olguin, Realtor® and Coach. In this course, you will learn all about having the right mindset, negotiation skills and tactics, follow-up, the ability to create relationships, and much more. GoUniversity is designed to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to master the principles of success.

Josh Schoenly's Course: Coming soon! Stay tuned

The Facebook Insiders Group is a great resource for connecting with other StreetText users. This is another place to share your WINS, scripts, and challenges, and ask for peer advice. This is also where we will share any updates and new features in StreetText. One thing not mentioned in the video is the ability to search anything within the StreetText Insider Group (STIG) using the 🔍, such as:

  • BombBomb

  • Homebot

  • Markus Willard, or anybody you're wanting to see what they've posted if looking for something particular.

  • 12 tips

  • Scripts

If you are not part of STIG, reach out to your guide or our success team via the blue chat bubble in your account and we will invite you. 😄

Help Center

You can access the Help Center by clicking the "?" at the top right-hand side of your account or the button that says "Help Center" below your resource ribbon on your main dashboard when logged in. Here you will find helpful articles, and answers to frequently asked questions. It's always a great place to search first for answers to your questions.


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