You have connected your Facebook account and have attended our demo, now it is time to start getting leads!

You now have access to Facebook ad templates that are proven and have been tested thousands of times.

In the demo you learned about how a 3 ad split test can help you achieve the best results for your ads. Now it is time to set up your first split test!

How to create your first 3 ad split test

Open StreetText Dashboard in another tab to follow along.

  1. Click on Funnels in the left menu.

2. Click select on the top middle funnel

- This seller ad gets amazing results! More seller templates are unlocked when you upgrade your trial or sign up for a full account.

3. We recommend leaving the home emoji in the first step since Facebook rules require a minimum of a 15 mile radius. The home emoji in the city and/or neighborhood field will ensure that the ad speaks to everyone even if they live slightly out of the city or in a nearby community. Click next to go on to the next step in the ad wizard.

4. Leave the StreetText privacy policy as is or add the privacy policy url from your website.

5. Click "Next" then click "Drop a Pin" to set the target location.

Put in your city and move the pin as desired.

-The Radius must be a minimum of 15 miles

Click the video below for more information on setting up the target area for your ad.

6.Select how many ads you want to run for your split test (We recommend 3) and set your daily budget (We recommend $9-$15/day depending on the market per ad)

Click the video below to learn more about split-testing your ads.

Please note: You are responsible for your own ad spend. Facebook will charge your ad account directly.

7. Select if you want the ads to run on Facebook or Instagram or both

Enter your estimated commission value

- Commission will be used to calculate whether the ads are doing well for your market.

Hit "Deploy"!

Congratulations! You just created your first ad(s)

Make sure you check in within 24-48 hours if you ran a split test to shut off the 2 under performing ads.

Need help? or want to go over the split test results with your coach?

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