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How to Activate your Auto Text Responder (Julie)
How to Activate your Auto Text Responder (Julie)

See how to set up, edit and interact with automated sms messages.

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Your auto text responder is a phone number that will be assigned to your account to send out automated text messages to your leads. Text messages allow you to connect with your leads quickly in a way that feels natural.

NOTE: SMS Autoresponder (Julie) is only available once you are a member. NOT available during your trial.

After clicking on the button above, you will need to pick a number that will be assigned to your account. This will be a number specific to your StreetText account and is included in your StreetText membership. You will want to pick a number from your area so that your leads are familiar with the area code. Search for your city and add any of the numbers that appear.

Please note: You cannot add your own number. This will be a new number assigned to your account.

Your autoresponder is now active and will begin to send out text messages from your automations as your leads come in!

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