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I cant see my Facebook page in the Dashboard?
I cant see my Facebook page in the Dashboard?

Missing facebook pages in the dashboard? heres how to get a refresh :)

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You will want to confirm you have access to the page you are looking for! To do so start by going to and confirm that the page you want is showing in this list. If you do not see the page, this means you do not have access to it through Facebook.

Once the above is confirmed you can reconnect and refresh the data from your account by following the below steps!

  1. Next go to you should see the StreetText app as a business integration. Click the select box on this app and remove it

  2. Lastly go back to and select "connect a new account"

  3. Follow the steps to connect your Facebook account.

This will remove the StreetText app from your Facebook entirely and allow it to re-pull all the data for you.

If you run into any other issues, let us know at [email protected]

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