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Is someone going to reach out to me?
When signing up you will receive emails and texts from your coach on how to connect. After attending the live demo webinar you can book a one on one appointment with your onboarding guide here.

โ€‹Is my ad running?
You can ensure your ad is running by going to Ads in the left menu bar. Here you will be able to see the status and settings of you ad!

What does my funnel looks like?
You can view what your ad and funnel looks like by clicking on Ads in the menu and clicking "View Your Ad". This will take you to your ad on Facebook which you can then click on and go though the funnel yourself! If you do not see the "View Your Ad" button your ad is still in process and the button will appear when the ad is available to view.

Will the 7 day trial cost me anything?
The free trial allows you to use the dashboard for 7 days without any charges from StreetText. The only fees you will have to cover is your Facebook ad spend over the 7 days your ad runs which will be charged directly from Facebook. Click here to add your billing information to your Facebook ads manager.

Why $9 a day for Facebook ad spend?
From running over 50,000 ads we have determined that $9 a day is the minimum amount of ad spend per ad that you will want to start off to properly test an ad and its performance.

I got a lead, but they only provided an address. Where do I find the lead and how do I follow up?
People who only submit address as they come through the StreetText funnel are often at "I wonder" stage. This happens if they fill out the first part of the funnel for their address, but abandon the funnel after that. You can find the address leads at the top of your contact page by clicking the Address button.

The article found here will provide more information on following up with these potential contacts.

My ad got disapproved by Facebook, now what?
This occurs for many users especially if they have never run ads before. Not to worry!

Since the majority of these cases are wrongfully disapproved by Facebook's system, you will be able to get them running with a few clicks and Facebook's approval. Please go to https://www.facebook.com/accountquality and click request review. Once Facebook has reviewed and approved the ad your run. Please contact [email protected] for additional support.

How much does StreetText cost after trial?
All of our pricing can be found on our website here!

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