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How to view and edit your automated text/email campaigns
How to view and edit your automated text/email campaigns

How to view your emails and texts in your automations and how you can edit them!

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Watch this video for an in-depth tutorial (6-min) (RECOMMENDED)

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Text-based walkthrough πŸ‘‡

Go to your ad section in StreetText by clicking "ads" on the left menu.

Click "edit automation" on the automation that you want to view/edit.

Once you are in your automation, you can customize your automation by adding actions, editing the time delay of the messages sent out, editing the emails and SMS messages, or turning off steps in the automation.

Scroll down to find the SMS or email that you are looking for. SMS messages are at the bottom of the seller funnel.

From the picture above:

  1. Click anywhere on this line to either edit the email or SMS message being sent out.

  2. Edit the time. If the actions are set up "in sequence" the time is based on the previous message. Example: 3 hours would mean 3 hours after the previous message.

  3. Click add action to add an email, SMS message, tag, or notification to the automation. If you add in a new action, especially a text or email be sure to add a time delay of when you want the new communication to go out after the previous message.

  4. Make sure the step is turned on if you want it to run. You can also shut it off by clicking the toggle switch. If you want to shut off the whole automation you will want to click the switch at the top right of the automation.

If you're wondering how to turn the automations off for a single lead, go here:

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