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Facebook Token Expired
Facebook Token Expired
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If your Facebook Ad Account token has expired in your StreetText account: 

What does this mean?

When you first signed up to StreetText, we asked you to connect your Facebook to your StreetText account. Unfortunately, that connection has expired due to Facebook's security reasons, and we need you to reconnect it. This feature is in place to ensure that your permissions are always secure and up-to-date. Your token can also be disconnected by changing passwords, manually disconnecting, or certain settings changing in your Facebook account.

How to reconnect your Facebook Token:

Please follow all 4 steps to reconnect

Step 1

Please make sure you are logged in on your personal profile and not your page. If you are logged in on your business page please change to your personal profile before the next step.

Step 2 (Very important step)

Please go to If you see StreetText please check the box to the right and then click "remove".

📢 DO NOT SELECT "Delete posts, videos or events StreetText posted on your timeline" If you do it will delete all our ads posts and you will not be able to run those ads in the future.

StreetText does not post anything to your timeline, but each ad also includes a "post" that is hidden but used for ads.

Step 2

After doing that please go to and follow the steps to connect.

Step 3

Click this link to return to your dashboard instead of launching the new ad.

Your account is now reconnected! If you need any additional help please contact [email protected] or use the chat in the bottom right hand side of your account.


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