This is what I do the day following the address submission:

I send a Handwritten Card that says HELLO printed on the front and blank inside. I ordered them in bulk through Amazon. I hand-write the name and address, as well as the inside of the card.Inside it says:

“If you’d like to know the value of your home, I’m happy to help!” 

Then I put a sticker label inside with the link to the landing page they previously visited as below:

Go to the link below to get your home value in seconds.

I also include my business card in the mail. 

This is all I do for Address Only, but I do keep a spreadsheet of them so I can keep track of how often people go back and finish the submission. I have only been doing it about 2 months this way, but I have a lot that actually go back to the site or just call me to schedule a visit.

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