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Facebook Maintenance: How to Deal with Objections and Negativity
Facebook Maintenance: How to Deal with Objections and Negativity

This example was provided by Gina Wade

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The purpose of this walkthrough is to show you how to handle any Facebook objections you get on your Facebook page, ad’s or posts. 

Everyone gets negative comments through Facebook, however the important thing is to handle these properly and make sure you’re removing them, or replying in the best way possible. Here are a few different ways you can remove, block and hide Facebook comments on your ad’s and page posts. 

Different options Facebook offers:

Facebook has a few different options when taking care of comments on your posts and ad’s. When you hover over a specific comment in the comment section, you’ll see three dots appear on the upper right hand side of the written text. 

From here, click on the buttons and choose ‘Hide Comment’ as your option.

From here, you’ll have to choose either to hide the comment, delete, or report it. This will be up to your discretion to choose, however none are wrong options. This will all depend on the temperament and what was said. 

In most cases, you can hide the comment, and no one else will see it. This will mean that you’d ad won’t be affected by the comment. 

If you choose to delete the comment, no one will be able to see it either.

If you choose to report the comment, this will go directly to Facebook, and will not be removed. Its best to hide or delete the comment, and then choose to report if the comment is threatening, or rude. 

We always recommend checking your ad’s, posts, and business page for comments every day. This can take a few minutes, and ensure you're getting the most out of your ad as you can, and not hindering it with negative comments. Gina Wade takes 10 minutes a day to check her ad comments and engagement to make sure it’s positive, and contributing to the overall health of her posts. You don’t want a successful ad be squashed by negative comments. 

For any questions about this, and how to properly moderate your ad’s - contact [email protected] or your coach for more information. 

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